Friday, May 4, 2012

Craft ~ Mother's Day Card

Are you looking for a cute and easy card to make with the kids for Mother's Day?  I came up with a simple card, and the best thing is you can use all of those extra school pictures you ordered this year that are still sitting in the envelope!  These cards are perfect for Mamas, Grandmas, Nanas, or even teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week!  So many uses!  And it can be done with kids of all ages, it's just that if you do it with wee ones you will have to help quite a bit with cutting.  Let me know what you think!
Materials Needed:
Colored Paper (whatever colors you'd like, we used orange, yellow, green & blue)
Colored Pencils, Markers or Crayons
a Circle Stencil (you can trace with a cup if you don't have a stencil)
Pictures of your child

Like I said, it's a great way to get rid of all those extra pictures you get suckered into buying each year.

First you draw a circle around your child's face.  Then have them cut it out, or if they need help then you can cut it out.  This project is great for practicing fine motor skills!  Cut another circle out of paper the exact same size as the circle around your child's face

Then I free-hand drew some petals, leaves and circles for the kid to use.  Although the older kids made their own leaves & petals which was very cute.  If you look online you might be able to find petal or even flower templates you can print and cut out.

Then the kids used the glue sticks to adhere a stem that they cut out of green paper and the circle to the paper.

Add some petals

And some leaves

And voila!  You have a Mother's Day Card!

This is the message we put on the inside:
Dear Nana,
Thank you for helping me bloom & grow! 

Sam of course had to make his card unique!  Which I love! 

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