Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pride Park...Six Years Later

I was snapping pix of the kids at the park this morning and realized that I had snapped some very similar pictures about 6.5 years ago when we were at the park during my Grandmother's 80th birthday party.  My how things have changed in the years since! 

Going up the ladder...
January 2006 (Ella 2.5 years & cousin Alex behind her)

June 2012 (cute cousins Robin, Will & Henry)

Coming down the slide...
January 2006 (Aidan)

June 2012 (Will)

June 2012 (Veronica)

On the Merry-go-Round...

January 2006 (Veronica & Ella)

June 2012 (Sam, Henry, Will & Robin)

June 2012 (Will, Max, Ella, Henry & Robin)

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Amy said...

So cool! They grow up too fast!!