Sunday, September 16, 2012

catching up....

I've not been great at keeping up with the blog since the kids started back to school, so today I'm devoting some time to blogging.   I had thought that things would settle down when the kids went back to school and that suddenly I would have all this time on my hands to work on projects and such...but I was wrong.  We've been busier than ever these past few weeks...getting used to school routines all over again, starting extracurriculars, and squeezing a few more adventures before the cold weather hits.  It's been a great couple of weeks though (don't let my whining above fool you).  The kids have eased into school and are doing great.  They all enjoy it (even Henry despite a one-time crying fit at school), they are all working hard, and they are all settling into the routine with relative ease.  Now mama just needs to get herself on time management, make lists, etc.  In an effort to catch you up on our past few weeks I've chosen a few pictures to highlight what's been going on in our family. 
Sadly, this boy no longer refers to himself as "baby" when you ask him his name :(  He now says his name is "Henny Michael" (well, first he says "TWO!" when you ask him his name, and then he says his name).

We went to Kings Island last weekend and the kids had a blast with their cousins, aunt & uncle and grandparents.

This week we went on a foodie adventure, hitting our favorite grocery Trader Joe's, and also Findlay Market.  And Henry got some quality time with his cousin Will (eating delicious Servatii's pretzel rolls)

I went to a Bachelorette Party for my soon to be sister-in-law Jenny last night, and had a lovely ladies night out.  While I was out with the girls Michael took the kids to the Harvest Party at Rains & Sun Backyard Farm.  Michael and the kids went and had a grand time and Ella & my Aunt Mary took lots of pictures of the festivities. 

A Ninjago arena arrived in the mail...and the magic of the arena created a peaceful bond between all three brothers. 

Ella (with just a little help from her mama, nana and brothers) finished a 1000 piece puzzle.

We upgraded...a new three room tent!  We're planning a camping trip for next month!

Sam is always working hard.

Beer was brewed (12 year anniversary gift...12 years = 12 pack)

The kids are fascinated by the homebrewing...Michael hopes to make them some root beer at some point.

So as you can see, never a dull moment.  And now I'm off to do some more tasks...I'm determined to annihilate the to-do list today!

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