Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Henry's Big Day

Wasn't it just about five minutes ago that I carried sweet Prince Henry in a wrap snuggled up against me?  In fact, this is how I carried him into Sam's preschool each week, and how I carried him just about everywhere.  But somehow, without me even realizing it, Henry has grown up a bit.  Just a bit.  
Today Henry started preschool.  He's going two mornings a week in a program for two year olds.
I must admit, this whole affair has been much harder on the Mama than on the babe.  I just did not want to let go.  

Henry had no qualms though...he put his little backpack on and marched on through the doors with no hesitation.  He loved it!

WhenI picked him up he sat in the car and ate his lunch and told me all about his day.  He told me that he played with blocks, rode bikes, sang songs, and read books.  A perfect day for a prince.
When we got home he was all tuckered out, and because of a nap-time nightmare I actually got some cuddling time in, and I enjoyed having him be a babe in my arms again.

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RoseMamie said...

Oh Henry, how you've grown!