Monday, September 3, 2012

Running away from home

We ran away from home this past weekend. If you recall past posts, I’ve talked about how we endeavor to escape from reality every so often to recharge our batteries. It was another idyllic weekend spent escaping the to-do list. Here’s a summary of our weekend, in the form of Facebook status updates (that I certainly couldn’t post on Facebook because we tend to disconnect on these weekends…very few phone calls and texts, and no internet). 

Our weekend away according to Facebook:

Katie is running away from home.

Katie has her feet up.

Katie is getting creamed by her 9 year old in 500 Rummy.

Katie is watching Henry play peekaboo with Michael in our new telescope (he just doesn't get it...)

Katie has noticed that when the parents relax the children follow suit.

Katie has not spent this many consecutive hours reading for pleasure since college. I finished not one but TWO great books this weekend. (Sarah’s Key and Gone Girl)

Katie is working on scrapbooks while Henry colors, Ella plays solitaire, Sam plays with dominoes and Max watches toons. A perfect lazy afternoon!

Katie is playing Candyland with Henry and Sam.

Katie is laying on a hammock reading a book and watching the storm roll in.

Katie is longing for a wraparound porch with rocking chairs of her own.

Katie loves bourbon.

Katie thinks Sam is a genius...chopping firewood with a light saber.  Only Sam.

Katie made the mistake of letting the boys watch the three stooges…I feel like my life just changed forever, as evidenced by Max’s constant giggles

Katie is enjoying watching Michael & Sam play Dino Jump

Katie is dancing barefoot in the kitchen with @Michael S. to our “dance in the kitchen” song. Everyone should have one of these, the song that means so much to you that you drop what you are doing and dance together every time you hear it.

Katie stayed in her pj’s all day long.

Katie worries that she is letting the kids watch way too much TV this weekend…and then reminds herself that it is their vacation too, and maybe a little vegging in front of the tube is just what THEY need. At least when it’s not raining they are out running amuck in the fields.

Katie managed to work in a little cuddle time with each of my children this weekend…even the wild wee one who usually has no time for such things.

Katie enjoys late night conversations on the front porch with Michael S. about our life, our love, our children, our future, our goals, our week, our ideas and anything else that pops into our heads.

Katie took a nap today. And yesterday. And maybe tomorrow too.

Katie is happy. don't need a cabin to run away to, you can recharge at home...turn off the phones & internet and put the to-do list away.  try it!

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