Sunday, September 23, 2012

our week in review...

It's been another fun-filled, crazy, busy, wild week around these parts...

Mama got the sewing machine back out...ties are being made for a few little boys to wear to an upcoming wedding.
Michael's homebrew was finally ready to drink...and it was pretty darn good for a first batch!

I started pulling out a few pieces of cool weather clothing...including this rockin' new jacket for Henry.

And new monster pj's for Henry.  Oh how I love my babe in footed pajamas!

Michael & I snuck out for a date night...burgers & beers at Party Source. 

We ate a "dork" burger which was delicious...a burger with pork & duck on top.  YUM!

Michael went ziplining at the Mega Cavern in was apparently an amazing adventure.  One you will never find me on!

Ella & I went to my fabulous cousin Megan's wedding shower where we caught up with family, congratulated not one but TWO expectant mothers, and shared hugs, laughter and some great old stories over tasty food at Chez Nora.

My girl (who everyone claims looks just like me) made it onto the Academic Team at school, and she's quite excited about that. 

Sam had a soccer game today, and played hard despite his asthma & allergies.  We made a trip to the Old West Festival yesterday, and Max spent a day hanging out with his Papa.  We've also started reading the Hobbit as a family, in anticipation of the movie coming out in December.  Despite the fact that we're all dealing with colds and allergies everyone had a pretty awesome week.

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micaela said...

That does sound like a fantastic weekend!! Congrats to Ella on the Academic team!!! That is awesome!! Dork burger?!!That is too funny!! and very interesting!!