Saturday, September 22, 2012

Old West Festival 2012

Today we went to one of our favorite local festivals...the Old West Festival.  We channeled our inner cowboys/cowgirls and spent the day having an amazing adventure in Dodge City.  The kids (and honestly, the adults too...) had a blast.  In fact, as we had "dinner" at Kocanut Joe's Frozen Yogurt tonight Sam said to me "Thank you Mom for the best day ever".  That sums up our day.  I should say before you look at these pictures that my youngest insisted on wearing his Yoda hat ALL DAY LONG.  It was quite adorable.  Deputy Yoda had a fabulous day.  And it made me feel more at ease at the festival, I figured if he wandered off at the Festival that everyone would know who we were looking for if we lost him.  "Hey, I lost my kid, and he looks like Yoda".  Fortunately though, he stayed with us...or should I say, fortunately, my dad followed Henry all day.  He let Henry explore and check things out and kept a close eye on him so that I could hang with the older kids.  Even when Henry got all hopped up on Root Beer and Kettle Corn dad kept up with Henry and his endless energy.  And my Uncle Paul & cousin Kevin joined us at the festival for some fun times in the wild west.  It was a beautiful and memorable day!
First things first at the Old West Fest...get deputized at the Jail by the sheriff.
The horse rides were a huge hit today.

My sweet cowgirl.

Hanging out with the locals.

Oh Cowboy Max, you make my heart melt.

Beer in a boot!
The children wranglers...Kevin, Dad and Paul

Sheriff Yoda

Root Beer!

Papa and his boy

Have you been to the Old West Festival?  What's your favorite part of the festival?  I love it all, but today it was the music that made it special for me.  As we walked in the musicians were singing "Wagon Wheel" which is our "dance in the kitchen" song.  It made me wish that Michael could have made it to the festival.  I also heard some of the performers sing "Buffalo Girl" which brought strong memories of my Nana used to sing that song to me all the time.  I can't wait for next year's Old West Festival!!!

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