Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Travel Journals for Children

Recently we took a long vacation to Florida (read all about our adventures in Siesta Key and Walt Disney World!).  Before we went the Easter Bunny brought Travel Journals for the kids.  The teacher in me wanted to try to make our trip somewhat educational...so why not get them to do some creative writing and drawing while we were on vacation?!?  They loved their journals, and were so serious about documenting their adventures.  I loved watching them work on them...both while we were in Florida, and when we came home.  I can't wait to show these books to them again when they are adults.

The materials for this project are simple, and it can be as cheap or expensive as you'd like.  I opted for cheap, and bought them each a composition notebook, colored pencils and tape.  And then I found some scrapbooking supplies on sale for them to use...perfect little pockets and such.  I also dug out some of my own scrapbooking stickers for them to use.  You could really go all out with this project and get your children a bunch of scrapbooking supplies, but I wanted to keep it pretty simple.  For me it was all about their writing.  While they worked I kept reminding them to write stories and not just tape in the pictures.

Another journaling idea for young children is the Summer Journal, read about those in this post.  How do you make sure your children keep learning even when they are not in school?

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Amelia Clark said...

I also love to scrapbook my family history. I just bought some more scrapbooking supplies with the family history theme. Just hope I get time to scrapbook soon.
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