Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rainbow Birthday Party in the Garden

We celebrated Ella's 10th Birthday this Summer with a Rainbow theme in the charming gardens of Stoney's Gifts.  We invited 8 of Ella's friends, and they had a giggling good time while hanging out with the delightful Ms. Cindy (the party planner).  Ms. Cindy planned a craft for the girls (sand art) and painted faces as well as set everything up and cleaned up as well.  Stoney, owner of the shop made iced tea, lemonade and fruit kabobs for the girls.  The price was quite reasonable, and I really did not have to do much to prepare at all!  Basically I could have just shown up with Ella and my camera, but I have to go slightly overboard at parties...so I showed up with decorations, goodie bags and rainbow themed treats.  Together, we created the perfect Rainbow Birthday Party in the Gardens at Stoney's Gifts.  If you don't live near Stoney's, I think this party could be done in your very own backyard! 

Here are pictures from her big day, along with links about all of the rainbow-themed details, foods, goodies and touches....

Here are the invitations we made for the party.  I designed them and Ella painted the rainbows:

We had delicious Rainbow cookies made by Desserts by Micaela:

Rainbow party snacks: Rainbow cookies, rainbow Goldfish, Fruity Rainbow Popcorn (from Pretzel Fest - Popcorn Pizzazz in the Kenwood Towne Center), Skittles and Fruit Kabobs.  And a Rainbow "Ella" Banner.  And the beautiful painting in the background was made by Stoney especially for Ella!

Ella and one of her best friends making Sand Art together:

The Gardens at Stoney's Gifts:

Face Painting with Ms. Cindy:

Instead of goodie bags I bought these adorable rainbow bead bracelets from Buysomelove's Etsy shop.  They were a hit!

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