Monday, August 19, 2013

Menu Plan Monday ~ August 19

We had some DELICIOUS dinners last week!  Please be sure to click the links below for the recipes, and pin them or bookmark them so you can use them soon.  They were all five star recipes in our opinion!  

And for more menu planning inspiration see my Recipe Archives, or visit OrgJunkie's Menu Plan Monday Roundup post!

Here's what we ate last week ::

  • Hotdogs & Garlic Fries (back to school dinner)
  • Mama's Night Out ~ Dinner at Arnold's downtown & dessert at Chez Nora (the cheesecake there is out of this world!)
  • Dinner at the Pool: Grilled Tilapia (we skipped the mango salsa this time because we didn't have the ingredients and it was delish alone as well!) and Grilled Fresh Summer Squash (my favorite pool dinner this season!!)
  • Cookout at my aunt and uncle's house, and we brought Zucchini to grill.  So we had grilled squash twice this weekend, I think we're in love with it!

What's cooking at your house?!


Vicky and Jen said...

I always look for & enjoy your Menu Plan Mondays Katie! I am coming out of a long summer cooking slump and I always find inspiration here on your blog.

What's cooking you ask ... I am proud of this gratin cauliflower I made last nite. YES, it has a decadent rich creamy sauce but every single person in my family ate cauliflower & I am still shocked.

I grilled boneless pork as the main entree and served the cauliflower and a tri-color pearl couscous (Kroger) on the side. I just cooked the couscous in chicken broth and tossed in a tablespoon of butter, salt and pepper. My son thought it was cool because it is an "Israeli Pasta" ...

The Little Things Mama said...

Thanks for sharing! I cannot find it in myself to love cauliflower, but maybe this recipe will convince me to try again?!?

Angela said...

I want to take my family back again this year! We love watching the horses the best!!

Angela said...

I check you out on FB all the time!!
and I follow the old west fest and check them out as well!!

Angela said...

I signed up for your newsletter!!

Angela said...

I shared!!