Tuesday, December 3, 2013

DIY Origami Butterfly Installation Art

little while back we went to Ella's Art Show at Baker Hunt to see all the amazing creations she has been working on this fall in her class, called Picasso's Loft.  The class was taught by Chad Turner and was a mishmash of several different mediums and artistic platforms in one class.  Each week they worked on something different.  One week the class made origami butterflies and then the butterflies were made into an awesome installation piece at their art show.  Unfortunately, Ella had missed that class because we were out of town, so it was decided that we would make our own origami art installation at home.  Michael found a YouTube video to teach the kids how to make origami butterflies, and for three days straight Michael, Max and Ella spent every spare minute making butterflies. 

They made butterflies when we went to dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery

They made butterflies at the Aronoff when we went to see the Grinch

They made butterflies on Thanksgiving morning while listening to Alice's Restaurant on WNKU

They made butterflies at my parent's house on Thanksgiving day before dinner

They made butterflies on Black Friday...just hours before we hosted our annual poker party

Then they worked together to hang all of the butterflies on our porch

And a masterpiece was made...

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