Monday, June 27, 2011

my brudder

While going through a box of old photos recently I stumbled upon this scrap of newspaper written about me and my new baby brudder.  It makes me smile.  I do believe I might have even asked my mom when they were going to take him back.  But that attitude didn't last long.  We became pals eventually.
Over the years we had our ups and downs as any sibs do...there were times when he resisted my affections (we'll just call it my schoolteacher-in-training phase), and times when we teased each other mercilessly.  But in my heart I always knew that my brother would do anything for me.  That's what I love most about him now, the strong knowledge that he's got my back should I ever call on him.  My little "brudder" is now much taller than me, he's always good for a laugh, and he can liven up any party with his wit & his charm.  He's a very classy & smart guy and I'm proud to be his big sis.

Ok, that's enough.  He's probably rolling his eyes at me now for my ramblings.  And should my sister be reading this..take heed, I'm looking for the perfect picture to complete your post!


RoseMamie said...

You reacted exactly the way Liam did when he found out about Ewan...with the exception that Liam screamed like we were torturing him and refused to speak/touch/kiss/hug me for days after I gave birth...presumably because I gave birth to the intruder. Your brother got off easy ;)

Kimberly said...

Oh my gosh, that article is too cute! I love it! Glad you two get along better now. ;)