Monday, November 28, 2011

menu plan monday ~ in reverse ~ november 28

I am participating in's menu plan planning has made a huge difference in our lives. We are eating healthier, there's less stress at dinnertime trying to figure out what to feed everyone and I'm saving money at the grocery because of careful planning.

Last week we had so many family get-togethers that I only had to make dinner once!  It was sooo nice!  I made Lemon Basil Chicken with noodles, and it was delicious as always. 

Here are a few more tasty treats I made throughout the week:
Multigrain Bread
Nana's Stuffing (maybe I'll share this recipe next Thanksgiving)
Buffalo Chicken Dip
Mini Crescent Burgers

What's cooking at your house this week?

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micaela said... crecent burgers sound yummy! What's cooking at our house this week..tonight I tried a new butternut squash risotto recipe from the newspaper recently. I liked it..the baby loved it..the older two kids refused to eat it and husband was lukewarm about it. I also made PW's MM sandwich..except I subbed chicken for the beef..and made a few other was okay. I plan to make some fried rice with either tofu or shrimp this week..last night we had sort of a homemade hamburger helper that my Mom always made growing up.