Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our Halloween Party

Each year we spend Halloween at my parent's house. I make a few pots of chili and other yummy foods and haul all of our costumes and props over to their place for a night of fun. My parents have the BEST front porch for hanging out on Halloween. Their neighborhood is always packed for trick-or-treating. The kids get to see friends from school, I get to see friends from the ol' neighborhood, and we get to check out all the great costumes.
It's becoming a Halloween tradition...Cake Pops from Desserts by Micaela.

Sam's intricate pumpkin designs.

Two little boys with way too much sugar coarsing through their veins.  Sweet & Funny!

Me & my girl...the only thing missing from this picture is our little black cat (Henry!).

My favorite costumes of the evening...Pam, Jim & Dwight
Here's our Halloween Menu:
Bison Chili (made by my little sis)
Beef & Barley Soup (made by my cousin)

And we had some homebrew made by Michael...both beer and rootbeer.

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