Monday, October 15, 2012

Menu Plan Monday ~ October 15 ~ Camping Menu

I am a big fan of menu-planning, it has made my life so much easier!  There is less stress at dinner time and we are eating healthier too!  Last week I was in a tizzy, I was planning a camping trip for our family of six and I was so worried about what to pack for meals.  I don't know why I worried so much, my husband and I have been camping since we were in college and I've never worried about it before.  In fact, we were reminiscing while hiking about our college camping days...where we could decide on a Friday to go camping and spend about an hour packing and be on the road.  Throw a couple of cans of Ravioli in a bag with your sleeping bag, tent and water and you were good to go.  Now I'm packing for six people, and they are sort of picky eaters at that.  I wanted to make the food at home and take it with us, but I ended up only making a few things and then buying a whole lot of canned goods & junk foods.  I thought since we were camping we'd splurge and eat junk that I usually don't buy them.  They were in heaven!  You can see more pix from our camping trip in this post:  Red River Gorge ~ Fall Break 2012.

 Here's Our Camping Menu Plan:
Truck Stop Chili (this is the BEST chili recipe ever...I promise) - I made this chili at home, and we took a bunch of it with us.  It was perfect by itself, but also made good chili-dogs and walking tacos (yum!)
Hotdogs (of course)
Peanut Butter & Jelly (Sunbutter for Sam)
Pancakes (I bought a mix - the "complete" kind, where you just add water)
Pre-cooked Bacon (took just a few minutes to crisp on the camp stove)
Canned goods: soups, ravioli, and my favorite that I only eat when camping: Spaghettios
Trail Mix (Sam made it all by himself!)
Hot Chocolate (with Butterschots for Mom & Dad)

We also had breakfast at the Natural Bridge State Park Lodge one morning (it was 40 degrees, and kids under 6 ate free - so we opted to dine in that morning).  And we had lunch at Miguel's Pizza one afternoon, because it's so yummy.

For more menu-plan inspiration check out the OrgJunkie's Menu Plan Monday post!

Please leave me comments on this post with any of your own favorite foods for camping!  I'm looking for inspiration for next year! 

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